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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  July 4, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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a six-year-old ground -- drowned while at an unguarded location. >> ice salt a large group of people. we were thinking, what happened? >> employees went into action to find the missing child. >> they were asking for volunteers. they were trying to kick under water as well as look above water to see if they could find anybody. it was pretty intense. >> of the boy was found in about 4 feet of water. >> somebody yelled out that they found him. everybody rushed down to that point. they put him in the back of one of the trucks. >> during the independence day holiday weekend, the park has been packed with people.
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>> already this year, we have had approximately 13 drownings in our county alone. this takes into account poole drownings and open water drownings. >> they urged children to stay near their parents. >> be careful. i do not want anyone hurt. >> the boy was rushed by ambulance to the medical center. that was where he was pronounced dead. >> thank you baltimore city police are questioning several people after a shooting inside a downtown parking garage. investigators say they do not think this is a random act of violence. >> the shooting is an escalation of violence in connection with
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an ongoing feud between the victim and some of his neighbors. a 2:00 a.m. at 911 calls and police rushing to a garage. investigators believe multiple shots were fired. the victim suffered several bullet wounds, but is expected to survive. the victim was shot standing outside his vehicle inside the garage. the garage is located within a block from the inner harbor. the victim had been arrested a week ago on a second-degree assault charge in connection with an ongoing feud with his neighbors. the victims of those neighbors after leaving a downtown club. in other fights broke out and escalated into gunfire. police were able to detain a number of eyewitnesses. it is possible, even more people
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will be identified as witnesses. city police commissioner is expected to reveal more details sometime this evening regarding the shooting. >> one person is killed and an elderly woman entered in a fire. fire crews were called to way home in edge water saturday afternoon. when they arrived, they discovered an 84-year-old trapped inside. her condition is unknown to night. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. it was lightning that started a fire at a church in frederick county. it happened early sunday morning. the fire started in the sanctuary. damage to the church estimated
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at $15,000. >> in baltimore county, a man was killed at a nightclub over the weekend the man was shot early saturday morning outside a club baltimore in the 8000 block. officials say a fight may have led up to the shooting. the scene was chaotic when police arrived. five other people were taken in for disorderly conduct. >> it since a scared to beat night bar going timidity. >> an officer was assaulted, but is expected to be ok. >> the jury in the casey anthony murder trial began deliberations. for six weeks, it has taken center stage. it is a group of 12 on known jurors who are at the center of the murder trial. we have more form orlando. >> after more than six weeks, of
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testimony, tears, evidence and arguments, the casey anthony murder case is now in the hands of the jury. >> they are going to consider it second-degree, manslaughter, first-degree. they do not have to agree on which it is. there are six other counts. it is complicated. >> the prosecution got the last word this morning. >> to say that there is no evidence to connect casey daughter's death ignores all the evidence. >> the bottle to the closing -- of the bottle shifted to the accused. >> pathological liar. >> this data using pictures, videos, and your calls from jail.
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to describe what they allege was a cover-up by a young mother who killed her daughter. >> what do guilty people do? they live. -- lie. they ovoid. they run. >> a three times, and casey anthony seem to respond. >> george is not this monster. >> she could be seen mounting, yes, he is. >> even george anthony did not have access to all of these things. only casey anthony did. >> she seemed to say, that is not true. the falk and her fate decided by
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the five men and seven women locked in deliberations. when they do reach a decision, the judge has announced he will give a 15-minute warning before announcing the verdict in court. >> some parts of maryland are currently under a thunderstorm watch a. that watch is in effect until 10:00 tonight. >> the pressure is on to deliver only man-made fireworks this evening at the inner harbor. we will see what happens. if you look at the radar and satellite, the clouds are a little thicker out to the west of us. there is a little rain out in western maryland. i will circle the baltimore area just to give you a reference point. this is drifting in our direction. the odds favor a higher chance of rain at south of baltimore.
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it is sliding a little bit of a southern league track. we will see how it survives across the mountains. if you look at the next graphic, you will see the thunderstorm watch is in fact on -- is in effect until 10:00. that is where most of the brain activity is expected this evening and that is all of -- and that is south of baltimore. >> thousands are expected to pack the inner harbor for the fourth of july celebration. >> the inner harbor is the place to be tonight in baltimore to celebrate america's to hundred 35th birthday. the fireworks show begins in four hours, but for most of the afternoon, the harbor had hosted a pretty good crowd here. down around the corner to the left, the national guard band is
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playing. crews have been preparing for the big show all weekend. 1400 fireworks shells are set of right now on barges. producers of the show to tell us they will last about 18 minutes tonight. the bottom line for today is having a fine relaxing time with friends and family to celebrate a day off and to celebrate our freedoms. >> i served in the army for five years. this is a day to remember that we are all patriots. >> the fireworks show begins at 9:30 tonight. if there is some severe weather, they will cancel the show and try again tomorrow night at
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9:30. our fingers are crossed. >> for a list of all the fourth of july events around md., go to >> americans took this day to celebrate freedom in very different ways. >> july 4 at the beach, is there any better way to celebrate america's birthday? >> it is torture. >> independence day is a chance to chill out with a cookout. in phoenix, it may have not has been a spot -- as hot as a firecracker, but it was 100 degrees. jon huntsman was literally
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running for the white house. in atlanta, participants were trying to survive 10 kilometers. nothing like the annual nathan's hot dog eating contest on coney island. american warriors got a hearty welcome home. in afghanistan, in a group of american soldiers took this day to reenlist. general david petraeus is about to become the new cia director and he was there to say goodbye and thank you. >> america can never thank you enough. >> americas 235th birthday. >> a big welcome home at the airport as 238 service members returned home. [applause]
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>> we were there as family and friends greeted at loved ones. volunteers have greeted more than 500 flights. you can help us honor your loved ones by sharing the photographs and videos access -- at >> good day to come home. if your prescriptions are filled electronically, it may be prone to mistakes. >> and medication known to help women with gastrointestinal problems can help with another problem. >> a quick and easy way to treat sun burn. >> it would not be the fourth of july without the annual parade.
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>> a new study shows a computer- generated medical prescriptions have as many errors as those written by hand. it was created to help prevent the mistakes that affect millions of americans each year. when researchers analyzed
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almost 4000 electronic prescriptions, they found that one in 10 contained at least one error. one-third of those mistakes have the potential to harm patients. they range from incorrect abbreviations to omitting how long a medicine should be taken. when food supplement that has gotten a lot of buzz lady is pro biotic. while they have been known to help people with gastrointestinal problems, and they may help women with another issue. a new study says that probe diadics can offer some relief to women who suffer from recurring urinary tract infections. pro bionics may reduce the frequency of what the variable problem for some women. >> it is an idea of taking food
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bacteria and having women use them to repopulate the vagina with the good bacteria. >> even eating yogurt daily can help. >> you have to read the label. if you do not like yogurt or cannot tolerate the dairy products, you can purchase the bacteria. it is in capsule form. >> look on the label for the l bacteria. >> it is not a way to treat the infection. you still need to take the antibiotics. it is a mechanism to look at preventing the future infection. >> remember, look for the l bacteria. label reading is key.
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drinking diet soda may be helping your diet. researchers at the university of texas followed a group of 500 adults for 10 years. diet soda drinkers had 70% greater gains in their waist circumference is compared to people who did not drink in the soda. kids who are late talkers usually catch up by the time they start school. 18% of children are considered great talkers by the time they reached the age of two. kids who had slight language delays intended to have mild behavioral problems, but were no more likely to continue having such issues through a child dead than other kids. language skills were generally normal -- -- childhood than other kids.
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people with very fair skin and are susceptible to burning. there are a lot of myths out there. >> i always get burned. >> i do not just look bad, it can double your risk for melanoma. >> you should use a wash cloth dipped in ice water to cool off the barn. half milk and half water is good. take ibuprofen before the discomfort. >> your insta-weather-plus forecast -- >> not quite as he met as yesterday's. that humidity level should go down this evening. there is some rain around that front. take a look at the radar, i circled baltimore as a reference point.
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there is a thunderstorm cell that is moving to the east and slipping to the southeast. it is this one right here. that one may be on track to slide just south of the city. if it survives the trip over the mountains. there are a few isolated showers up in pennsylvania as well. we cannot take a train out of the forecast for this evening, but it is a very small chance. the way this thing that takes the radar, it overstates things a little bit. this is not quite that heavy rainfall activity. it is just the way that the computer looks at things. that is in much more humid air. that is when to go through central and southern virginia. that is where the rain chances are a lot higher this evening. it is progressive. pennsylvania, lesser chance. baltimore, a smaller chance.
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temperatures this evening, and near 90 in parts of delaware, right near ocean city. mid 80's when you see most of this or and activity. these are in the cloud cells, the thunderstorm cells. you will see a lot more of this activity down in virginia. this is the area that in the rain would come from. there is something out there, and we will keep an eye out. the front is just to our south now. it is going to take a while for the dry air to filter in and that will not happen this evening, that will be more likely tomorrow morning. things will be at a rest before the next weather system comes in. most of the storm activity will be south, but we still have a
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slight chance for rain even here in baltimore. not more than 5 miles per hour overnight unless there is a thunderstorm. 64 to 68, the overnight low. here we are in baltimore and the bulk of the rain it shows up south of us. this is what it o'clock or 9:00 this evening looks like. -- this is what it o'clock or 9:00 looks like tonight. we should start breaking into some sunshine and less humanity. it is -- less humidity. your seven-day forecast. tomorrow, near 90, less humid. by the end of the day wednesday, we have more rain in kansas, and we do need it. -- more rain chances.
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warm temperatures of 80's. next weekend looks dry so far. >> do you remember learning to drive? how about the kind of car you had when you learn to drive? >> there is a local driving school teaching students to drive in corvettes. >> a meditation used to help you quit smoking could put you at a higher risk for heart attacks.
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>> teenagers about to get their drivers' licenses really do not care what cars they drive. >> i think they kind of care. >> it is what it is. >> one driving class in montgomery county is letting students learn to drive in style. >> we have all been there, hours in the classroom watching driving videos, all leading up to the road less than. -- lesson. atomic driving school decided that driver's ed needs more power. >> i was coming out and i saw
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the corvette's poll dover. >> he is on paid to behind the wheel of a chevy corvette. world-class performance with 400 horsepower complete with an instructor break and student driver plastered. >> i had a lady take a picture it when i was at a stoplight. >> seriously. >> when you drive in a car like this, you are very cautious. i think they learn faster. they are very nervous at the beginning. after that, and they just sit back and relax and drive. >> she had about 100 hours behind the wheel before he put her in the corvettes. >> i think it made me a little bit more conscience because i knew it was an expensive car.
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>> i do not want to hurt the car. >> a corvettes is a fast car. >> we are not speeding on the road. it is the same speed limits for all. >> students do not pay any more for the course, but knowing it is a $60,000 car keeps them in check. >> i do not trust myself in a corvette as a new driver. >> i would be nervous driving that car. >> that is a lot of money. >> we will take a look at the day's top stories. >> the duke and duchess of cambridge are in the midst of their canadian to work. >> smokers use it to help kick
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the habit. [ female announcer ] keurig brews more than just hot coffee. now you can brew over ice for delicious iced coffee or tea. hot or cold, keurig is the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. choose. brew. enjoy. keurig.
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>> live, local, latebreaking. >> a special medical alerts at 5:30. >> a new study links it to an increased rate for heart
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problems. >> if there is one thing the medical community agrees on, it is this. if you smoke, you are likely to develop some kind of illness. many smokers tried to quit, many turning to a drug to reduce those health risks. >> i did not think i would never quit. >> that is where doctors began to disagree. >> it is the worst drug on the u.s. market. >> i do not believe that it is a dangerous drug. >> smokers to take the drug had a 72% increased chance of serious heart problems. >> we have smokers without any evidence of heart disease. that is where we found an increase in this product. >> a significant finding. >> if you look at the 72% number, you will miss the larger picture. >> the total number of cardiac events was quite small.
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just over one% of people. other experts put the differing views into perspective. >> it means that whatever risk seems to be there is a very small. >> it is working with the fda to review and monitor data. the numbers time did hazy, one thing is clear. smokers can improve their health if they are able to kick the habit. >> it has been on the market since 2006. >> here is a look at some of our other top stories. a young boy rescued from the waters off sandy point state park died this morning. crews were called to the park around-the-clock for a child missing in the water. by the time they arrived, the
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child was pulled out. he could not be revived. maryland state police are investigating a deadly motor scooter accident. the 46-year-old crashed while traveling westbound on route 75. that accident happened just after midnight. parts of a baltimore rowhome collapsed. no one was hurt and it is unclear if anyone was living in the building. fire officials are still trying to piece together what caused a fire in spero point. it began early sunday morning. most of the damage to the single-family home was confined to the rear of the building. >> we are watching the skies
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this evening to see what happens. it would be nice to get through the evening without any rain. there are a lot of crowds down by the inner harbor. there is some rain out there in western maryland. i have also circled baltimore. this area out in the west virginia is moving to the east and southeast. that track would take it kind of south of baltimore. it has to cross the mountains, though. it has to make it across the mountains without diminishing. it will take a couple of hours. we will watch that area of rain, but i am optimistic. the heaviest rains will be south of us. the pink shaded areas, that is a severe thunderstorm watch that remains in effect until 10:00. the yellow counties have some
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warnings for some strong thunderstorms. the will talk more about the forecast for tonight and the week ahead, not. >> prince william practiced emergency water landings during his visit to canada. this is the fifth day of their canadian tour. >> prince william put his experience as a military helicopter pilot to the test today. he and is new bride continue their canadian tour on prince edward island. he practiced emergency water landing procedures. the technique was invented in canada and is used in water rescues by the coast guard. william had requested to see the maneuver on this trip. kate joined the crowd on shore. turn to showate's off. her husband was on the other
5:36 pm
team. the duke and duchess of cambridge were welcomed by enthusiastic crowd. >> it is quite the moment for us to be standing here in front of the canadian federation. >> it got a little less for their trip to the beach. a quick hello to the actors in the musical. this is the fifth day of the royal couple's nine-day visit to canada. on friday, they will be off to california for a three-day visit. >> very well received. >> more crews are arriving in montana. >> a death in the new yorker.
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we will explain what happened. >> a shooting kills two people, one of the victims was a police officer.
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>> police say to people in memphis were shot and killed last night. there were shot at a hotel in the city's entertainment district. it started as a domestic dispute. the officer has been identified as timothy warren. a shooting at a home in suburban philadelphia left two people dead, including a two-year-old boy. this happened late saturday night. all five of the victims are members of the same family. the three survivors have head wounds and are listed in critical condition and. police say they found the alleged gunmen inside a home.
5:41 pm
his relationship to the victims, though, is still not clear. >> and our erotic death in central new york. a man protesting the law requiring motorcyclists to wear helmets crashed while not wearing one. the 55-year-old lost control of this motorcycle and was thrown over the handlebars, suffering a head injury that killed him. he could have survived if he had been wearing a helmet. parts of the typically on spoiled beauty of montana's yellowstone river are tainted by tens of thousands of gallons of oil. exxon executives say they have crews to clean up the damage caused by a ruptured pipeline. >> if you have ever awards program with your bank, it could be paying you in more ways than one. >> temperatures -- the last
5:42 pm
thing you want is your air conditioning to go down. >> 300 groups are participating in this year's fourth of july. . >> there are some scattered thunderstorms out to the west moving in this direction. most of it will pass as. it is cloudy here in town.
5:43 pm
>> a six-year-old boy drowns in the water at sandy point park. a shooting inside a downtown parking garage, we investigate what led to the violence. we are live downtown with a preview of tonight's big festivities. [ female announcer ] the counter. in most homes, it gets all the action. bring it. getting it clean again is easy with bounty.
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>> a neighborhood had an annual parade. there was even a neighborhood barbecue. >> very nice. it would not be the fourth of july without the parade. >> tens of thousands of people turned out to start their day off with a little bit of patriotism. >> historical a comment win this first started in 1935, the fire engines went 15 minutes before the parade to wake the community up. >> it is a baltimore thing. i have grown up in baltimore my whole life.
5:46 pm
>> i enjoy it. i look forward to it every year. >> kid gets bigger and better every year. nearly -- it gets bigger and better every year. nearly 300 groups participated. >> we come here every year. it is really fun to be able to come back. >> it is truly becoming a tradition for folks to get up early and start their fourth of july celebration. >> it is well worth it. i have been bringing my son ever since he was a baby. >> we have been coming here for 15 years. same location. >> organizers said the tradition has lasted so long because the people are so spirited and so proud to support the red, white, and blue. >> in this community, it is a very patriotic community. it is one of the things that so many people feel so good about.
5:47 pm
it is not hard to get people to come together and make sure that it works. >> i am proud to be an american. >> you can get these books are counting down to next year's celebration, not just 364 days ago. -- just 364 days to go. >> you r insta-weather-plus forecast -- >> we still have some fireworks to go this evening. we will see how this turns out. here is baltimore and here is some rain activity out to the west. it is just to the southeast of cumberland right now. it is sliding to the south and to the east. there are other -- there is other light shower activity. it has to survive the trip over the mountains.
5:48 pm
that is why we say that it is on the edge tonight. i have a feeling most of the rain will be to the south of us during the evening hours. the further south you go, the greater chance for the rain. 89 was the high temperature today. 89 was at the airport, 94 at the inner harbor. no rain today. as of yet. let's move ahead on the computer. i cannot seem to get it to move. let's see if i can switch this button here. i will tell you what, go back to the radar. i have to rebuild the computer. there we go. you can look at the rain moving across the area. we will try to fix our computer and get things running once again. that rain activity, mostly to the west of us right now.
5:49 pm
we will see what happens as far as whether that rain tracks to the east. all right. i have a computer running right now. that was the handy hammered that we keep. most of the ratings have fallen to the upper 80's. further west, you begin to see yellow and green. clouds come in here are the thunderstorms. the big storms are out in virginia. here are the storms that are possibly could make it into baltimore this evening. they are isolated. the cool front has slipped just south of us. the winds are light.
5:50 pm
this dry air will try to come in. a little wave has to move across and that is what is during the of all this activity. once its stake -- once it sinks to the south. the fireworks forecast, may be an isolated storm. it is a small chance. temperatures should be dropping into the 70's of around 9:00. 34 to 68 the overnight low. we have that rain to the south of us. by 9:00, that all disappears. we will have some more on the way. during the day tomorrow, at eventually, the clouds will sink to the south as well. even tomorrow, there is still a
5:51 pm
chance. partly cloudy tomorrow. 87 to 91 the high. an isolated storm wednesday, scattered storms on thursday, ending on friday. some much-needed rain in the area. next weekend, keep your fingers crossed, it looks dry. >> some investors are turning to an unlikely source for a return, they're checking accounts. 57 institutions now offer high yields rewards, checking accounts. some are paying 4% interest. that compares to some money market accounts that are returning 3%. we are in the throes of a long hot summer and chances are you may run into a problem that could turn up the heat on this season unless you take some steps.
5:52 pm
>> let's begin with the wind -- but what happens when you do not follow the advice about maintaining your air conditioner. >> that turns into something that will cause to several hundred dollars. -- cost you several hundred dollars. >> she preaches efficiency because it represents about 40% of a power bill. a few things you can do with out a technician include keep landscaping at a distance. >> if you get it to close to it, it makes its inefficient. >> inside the house, make sure the thermostat is far from anything that can keep it up, like a lightbulb. >> otherwise, it will cause your unit to work a lot harder than it needs to.
5:53 pm
>> using fans of all types helps so much that thermostats can be raised by as much as five degrees. did not underestimate the benefits of changing filters. >> if you develop a relationship with a company, the odds if you do have trouble are likely to prioritize you as a customer. >> that is good news for places like plenty of summer to go. >> you have heard a salad bars and fast-food restaurants, how about a real bar? this follows burger king opening whopper bars in some cities. analysts say it is a way for fast-food stores to compete with casual dining establishments.
5:54 pm
there may be a reason those chains are selling alcohol. perhaps it is because the customers do not like the taste of the food. the big guys did not fare well against smaller chains. >> coming up, the holiday to a tragic turn for a family. a little boy dies after he was pulled from the chesapeake bay this morning. a preview of tonight's big macy's for the july spectacular in new y
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
>> fireworks displays will be going on across the country tonight. >> the macy's fourth of july fireworks show will attract 3 million people in person and millions more at home. >> for 35 years, fireworks and macy's have been synonymous on the fourth of july. >> it is not just putting fireworks in the sky. >> the hudson river will be command central for the mass of production. >> six barges, 2 miles long, 40,000 shells bursting almost 1,000 feet and the air, 17
5:58 pm
colors. >> the host says this year's event has an added significance. >> we will be recognizing the 125th anniversary of the statue of liberty as well as the 10th anniversary of 9/11. >> at the statue of liberty will provide the backdrop for musical performances like beyonce. ♪ brad paisley will perform in front of the empire state building. >> we are celebrating the fact that we get to live and the greatest country anyone has ever designed. >> it never disappoints. >> it is the colorful conclusion for the long holiday weekend.
5:59 pm
>> you can watch that beautiful show tonight at 9:00 right here. immediately it repeats at 10:00. it is a beautiful show and i have seen it in person. it is incredible. that is all for us at 5:00. >> tragedy at sandy point state park, a six-year-old boy drowns. >> city police are questioning suspects in an early-morning shooting inside a downtown garage. >> thousands are getting ready for the fourth of july fireworks show. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> a six-year-old boy


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